Nos Services


Nos Services

Scientific and Professional Accompaniments are based on the five fundamental principles below :

  1. The Rule of law in Practice, based on the Right of persons «RLP»,
  2. The Fundamental Rights, of Living and Sustainable Development,
    Emergence of the notion of International Law of Sustainable Development and the Law of International Economy and Development «FRLSD»,
  3. The Mega Economy Program without creation of debts, instead of the Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) «PME»,
  4. The Constitutional law, the Nation's Sovereignty Right and the powers resulting, The need for the revision of the resulting powers (from 3 to 5 powers)" «DCDSN» (Soon),
  5. Practices of the International, the New Diplomaties (PIND) and the International Legal and Economic Diplomacy (ILED) instead of the Political and Economic Diplomacy (PED), «PIND».

The fields of accompaniments are :

➡️ Administratif

➡️ Communicative

➡️ Culturel

➡️ Diplomatique

➡️ Economique.

➡️ Environnemental

➡️ Executif

➡️ Juridique

➡️ Social

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